Reddit is an online portal for people who love to write and engage in virtual conversations with people holding the same or different opinions as theirs. Registered members post images, gifs, memes, text posts and even links which are then voted up or down by other members of the community. It is a great platform for all those looking to read and share multiple viewpoints on any given subject be it about any and everything.

Few reasons why you should care about Reddit and try marketing on it are as follows:

1. It is an accessible Platform:

Reddit is considered one of the top ten most popular sites on the internet. It is estimated to have almost 1.2 billion visits every month. Not just that, it also happens to be the 5th most popular site in the United States. This means, your marketing campaign would be reaching out to millions of people on a daily basis without having to break the bank to pay for advertising on it.

It is one of the most convenient forms of marketing in terms of reaching out to the mass and driving traffic to your brand’s site. The users on Reddit are very vocal and opinionated, so you might even learn a thing or two about what your campaign might be missing. Start it small and safe but don’t forget to research beforehand about the terms and conditions of the website as they’re quick to block anything mildly offensive or against their policies.

2. Diverse Audiece

Reddit, as mentioned above, pulls in millions of users daily. These users are not limited to a certain gender, race, ethnicity or even the same income group; all it takes is a smartphone and an internet connection, after all. The members of the website belong to all sorts of walks of life which, mind you, can work for better or for worse for your marketing campaign. The statistics found on the diversity of the members are:

  • 71% of members are male
  • 59% of members fall between the age bracket of 18-29 years
  • 47% identify as liberals
  • 47% are always found online on the website

If your target audience falls into one or more of the demographics mentioned above, here’s your chance, carpe diem!

3. Members are highly responsive

Reddit has not just a large, diverse group of people, but they are smart and like to question what is put towards them. It is really easy to get them to start talking something but they are not the kind of audience that will agree with everything you say; in fact, the users of reddit are known to be rather sensitive and sarcastic. They will take offense sooner than the next person and will not accept your opinion/statement unless you can back it up with strong argument. Basically, you can’t get away with anything at reddit.

Marketing for such a group of people would work as a blessing in disguise for you as it will translate to better engagement even if you receive lot of criticism from the audience. It might take a lot of your time to answer to their queries about your product or service, but this way you will get stronger critique, and you can project your interest concerning their ultimate satisfaction. Answering back will also give you an opportunity to market your product or service better by mentioning its additional features. Such an audience is also easy and better to experiment with, as quicker results are generated when people are quick to react to what you post.

4. You don’t have to break the bank

Reddit doesn’t charge a ton for a sponsored advert on the site. It costs approximately $0.75 per thousand impressions and the minimum budget is $5, which even you know is nothing compared to the crazy amount Facebook and StumbleUpon charges.

Also, to burst your bubble, Reddit Ads drive better traffic to your traffic than Facebook or StumbleUpon ever will. According to Business Insider, it has the best users who like to engage with the product by asking than just clicking on it.

5. It WORKS!

Reddit might be termed as the advertisements graveyard for some but well, it has yielded some hefty profits to some business. Some marketing campaigns broke it while others didn’t even make it flinch. Some of the successful campaigns which worked and worked BIG are as followed:

1. TransAmerica

TransAmerica operates in the financial sector of the U.S. which makes it ten times more difficult to come up with engaging content to market its services. It, however, was successful in launching their first Reddit campaign which went with the name of Unitas Challenge. Through this challenge, TransAmerica was able to provide awareness to the users as well as getting tons of signups. It was a win-win situation.

2. Lenovo

Back in 2014, Lenovo teamed up with a satirical newspaper’s ad team to come out with a web series. This web series challenged the Reddit users to come up with their own version of the game. This challenge was greatly accepted by the Redditers and resulted in almost over 100,000 clicks and over 20 properly functional games.

3. Ikea

Ikea Australia posted a Valentine Day ad on Reddit which was not just light hearted but also fairly humorous. This ad was 97% upvoted and resulted in around 1,000 comments.

To make your marketing campaign engaging and successful on reddit, listed down are some tips that might come handy:

  • Make sure your content is relevant to the discussion
  • Don’t stop promoting others (do not switch into full-blown promotion mode)
  • Use best practices (avoid click baits at all costs)
  • Comment and Reply to Everyone (the more you engage, the better)
  • Address the concerns of the community before they raise them themselves
  • Last but not the least, have fun with your campaign! Be raw, humorous, kind, just the right amount of sensitive, and break a leg!