There was a time when emojis were seen as the equivalent of ancient, antiquated digital communication. While these icons are now touted as one of the most effective ways to convey what exactly you are feeling online, the story was not always like this. At the start of the emoji takeover, people and businesses, in particular, were wary of using emojis to market.

But that’s not the story, now. The smartphone era has paved the way for emojis to become mainstream. And they are at peak usage with more than half of the population using emojis in texts, chats, DMs, posts, and comments in the past year or so. What these small icons have that make digital communication better is they provide clarity on feelings, emotions, and context within the textual part of the conversation. 

However, the case is different for businesses, because using emojis can be a double-edged sword. A brand can only stick to what it is, and using emojis in official posts, and promotions may or may not hinder the image the brand is looking to project. In spite of that, the younger generation is always looking towards brands that are willing to break the glass ceiling, so to speak, so if you’re thinking of adding in emojis to your brand’s netspeak, here are the best emojis to use:

Thumbs Up Emoji

This is obvious. When you want to project the image of being carefree and agreeable, prefacing a post with a series of thumbs-up emoji will make your audience feel that they’re reading into a feel-good promotion. Notice how other brands use and abuse this emoji to increase click-throughs, and you’ll find that almost everybody is on with the bandwagon.

The thumbs up emoji represents “Ok,” “Yes!”, “Sure,” etc. in netspeak, but when you use it in itself, it will mean good things are about to come to those who will read your post. When people see the thumbs up emoji on their screens, it always is associated with something agreeable, positive, and life-affirming. Therein lies its power.

Googly Eyed Emoji

If you want to bring attention to something, the googly-eyed emoji is the perfect way to highlight it. This emoji can mean a lot of things in netspeak, but the universal meaning attached to it is that “Oh, I see you.” Use it when you are announcing a sale, for example.

Party Popper Icon

One of the most used emojis, the party popper icon, is effective in conveying a joyous, celebratory message. It’s usually used in greetings, victories, and successes, so for your marketing efforts, make sure that you add this emoji when you’re announcing a promotional feature, a milestone, or a giveaway. 

Giveaways may be one of the most popular methods in garnering more followers, likes, and comments. Having the power to turn a post into a virality is basically where the money is at in digital communication. So use the party popper icon in spades. Always bear in mind that you can never have too many celebrations in life. 

Free Icon

Who doesn’t want free stuff? Everyone on the Internet is obsessed with getting and winning things from businesses, no matter how big or small the package is. In a recent study, the free icon emoji, the one with the word free written in a blue block, turned out to be one of the few emojis that will increase click-throughs. 

So when you’re doing any type of promotion, or just linking to an affiliate website, use the free icon accordingly. Always pair it with a link to your website, alongside other emojis that express direction, i.e., the suite of pointing fingers emojis. People always go where they are directed to, so use this old adage to benefit your digital marketing efforts.

Pointing Fingers Emoji

These are pretty good emojis to use when you want to direct people to where they need to be. You can use the one pointing in the right, left, up, or down to highlight the important part of your message. You can also pair the right and left pointing fingers to emphasize your headline. Exercise caution when using these emojis, though. Two to three in one post should be enough.


As we roll on to the next decade, the possibility of emoji use in more brands is imminent. Digital marketing is a crazy competitive field, that’s why if you want to get your demographic’s attention, it pays to make sure that you are doing everything you can to engage with them. Have a go at these emojis and see the results for yourself!